Welcome to Course for Adventure, a place for sailors, adventurers and people of all stripes who are not content to sit on the couch and watch life pass them by.

Course for Adventure is a place where you can draw inspiration through the adventure stories and life experience of those who have, at one time, cast the lines ashore and set a course for a distant horizon around the world.

Course for Adventure is also where you will find practical how-to advise in the form of articles from experts.

We invite you to join our community, subscribe to our blog and watch the online videos. We will continue to bring you new authors and products with the goal of 100% electronic delivery. We love books but electronic media with video and image embeds is a wave of the future that we plan to ride.

Try a few sample chapters of sailing adventure books  and sailing eBooks currently selling  online and see what we mean. Pass them around and encourage your friends to join up. We have some exciting new books in the works.

African writer Isak Dinesen said it best when she wrote “The Cure for Everything is Salt Water; Sweat, Tears and the Sea.”

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