Grabbing Life by Brian Hancock

Grabbing Life _ Brian Hancock“The summer afternoon storms were especially violent. The heat of the day would simmer and smolder until the sky turned an angry bruised blue and the wind dropped to an eerie stillness. We would hear the thunder start, the storm gathering strength on the hot plains outside the city and then it would get so dark that the streetlights came on automatically. Sometimes with the rain and thunder came hail, the white pellets of ice pounding down on the tin roof and bouncing off the green grass. My mother would gather us inside, away from any window – we were told that glass attracted lightning – and we watched as the storm passed overhead. As quickly as it had started, the rain ended, the streetlights went off and the sun came out again. Often, just as the rain was tapering off there would be a ‘monkeys wedding’ when the sun was out while it was still raining. Flying ants would emerge from their underground tunnels and fill the sky, collecting around any light in thick swarms. We would shut off all lights in the house so that we did not attract them inside and watch as the streetlights were almost dimmed by the mass of delicate wings and tiny bodies that, I was told, tasted like butter when fried in hot oil.”

About brian

Brian is the author of seven books including the international best seller Risk in Being Alive revised and released again in 2010 as Grabbing Life. Some of his earlier books are out of print or were available as vanity press for the client. The book, Winning Spirit, a lovely coffee table book for England's BG Group was about their winning effort in the 2000/01 Global Challenge race around the world. His definitive book on sails and sail technology, Maximum Sail Power will be available as an electronic download later this year. There are three books in the Grabbing Series; Grabbing Life is a rewrite of Risk in Being Alive with more stories added. Grabbing the World is a memoir that centers around the creation of the Portimão Global Ocean Race, a new circumnavigation race for small boats. Grabbing the Dream is a work in progress. The subtitle, An Inspirational Guide to Living a Charmed Life, says it all.
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  1. James says:

    I really enjoyed this book and have passed it around to a few friends all of whom enjoyed it. Two thumbs up! Looking forward to the next book and more arm chair adventure sailing :-)

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