About CFA

Course for Adventure is a collaborative effort between author/adventurer Brian Hancock, founder of Great Circle Publishing Company and Virtually Canadian a vibrant website and internet marketing company that specializes in reaching a broad audience through social networks.

For too long sailors have had to dig deep to find good sailing stories. Modern box bookstores barely, if ever, carried a good selection of sailing books yet there is a thirst for not only sailing narratives but also for well produced how-to technical books. We plan to change all that. Virtually Canadian will seek to find each and every sailor scattered across the globe and give them a place to go to find what they want in sailing books. For traditionalists many hard copy books be available; for those with an eye toward the future (anyone who traded paper charts for electronic ones fall into this category) these books will be available as an electronic download. We will start by bringing you best selling books from past years and slowly add new titles.

About Brian Hancock

Brian Hancock has logged over a quarter million offshore miles in a professional sailing career that has spanned three decades. He raced in three Whitbread race, in 1981/82 as Watch Captain aboard the American yacht Alaska Eagle, in 1985/86 and Watch Captain on Drum and 1989 as Sailing Master on Fazisi, the Soviet Union’s first, and by happenstance, last Whitbread entry.

Brian has worked in communications for a number of major global sailing events including the Around Alone, the EDS Atlantic Challenge and the Oryx Quest. In 2006 he co-founded his own global circumnavigation race, the Portimão Global Ocean Race. He is the author of seven books including the best selling Risk in Being Alive and Maximum Sail Power, the definitive book on sails, sailmaking and sail technology. His latest book, Grabbing the World has just been released globally. Brian is a sought after inspirational speaker and when not chasing some far flung adventure he enjoys shoveling snow or mowing the lawn in Marblehead Massachusetts.

About Virtually Canadian

In 1996, Eric Ayache started his business with a big dream and a whole lot of drive. His goal has remained the same, to help businesses of any size become successful on the Internet through the best legitimate marketing techniques. Since that time, he has attracted a strong team of over ten skilled professionals who are all passionate about helping Virtually Canadian’s global clients achieve successful results.

Virtually Canadian Inc is the only Internet marketing company that provides a legitimate guarantee for organic internet marketing services. We have clients in the United States, Canada, Panama, Germany, France, Monaco and other countries.

“This foundation gives us the ability to further back up our services with our now famous money back guarantee!”

About Great Circle Publishing Company

Great Circle Publishing Company is a subsidiary of Great Circle Enterprises. The company, formed in 1998, was originally named Great Circle Press and specialized in short run sailing narratives. Press was changed to Publishing Company to reflect the dynamic changes happening in the publishing industry.

Just a few short years ago you needed a press and a publishing house to produce a book. Desktop publishing quickly changed that and anyone with some computer savvy, a decent laptop and a small budget could become a publisher. Once again that is all changing. Electronic hybrids between books and videos instantly down-loadable to a Kindle or iPad is the future and Great Circle Publishing Company plans to be a part of that future.

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