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For two decades Brian plied the world’s oceans as a professional sailor racking up an impressive quarter million blue water miles. In his newest book, a memoir, Brian explains how it all started.

“I was born under a lucky star. I am not sure which star it was precisely, but I know it was a lucky one. I left my home in South Africa in the late 70s seeking fame a little fortune as a professional sailor and found riches far beyond my wildest dreams. Actually, to be perfectly honest, back then there was no such thing as a professional sailor but a few of us rag-tag gypsies forged a new profession as Sailors for Hire, and as we plied our trade across the globe the world shifted slightly on its axis and a new career was born.”

It was only after grounding his own boat on the reef off Bermuda after a solo transatlantic crossing that things changed and there was a subtle shift away from sailing for a living, to writing for a living. “I can still hear the sound of coral connecting with carbon as the reef ripped a hole in the bottom of my boat,” Brian told an audience in Canada after the release of Grabbing the World. “The sound ripped my  heart out and along with it my confidence as a skipper. I almost stopped sailing completely but a friend invited me to join him on a circumnavigation of Newfoundland. On that passage I wrote my first book, Spindrift. The success of that book, and others that followed, allowed me to transition from sailing to writing.”

Brian has written seven books. His latest, Grabbing the World, is a personal story of how two longtime friends came up with the idea of starting a new around-the-world yacht race. From a back-of-the-envelope beginning to the trials and tribulations of starting a new global venture, Brian takes the reader on a journey of inspiration, perspiration and ultimately betrayal.

Books by this author

Grabbing The World

From the back cover:

“Pushing 50, unemployed and unemployable, professional sailor Brian Hancock found himself at a crossroads in life. After 30 years of racing sailboats around the world he was looking for a new challenge, one that would draw on his experience as a sailor, adventurer and author. He formed a partnership with an old friend and together they launched a brand new around-the-world yacht race, the Portimão Global Ocean Race.

Grabbing the World is a heartfelt account of what it takes to have a dream, to pursue it against all odds, and to prevail. The journey takes him back to his roots in South Africa. It takes him to the highs of success and the lows of betrayal. Most of all it is a voyage of self discovery.

Beautifully written, set against a backdrop of travel and adventure, this poignant memoir will have you laughing, crying and feeling inspired.”

Grabbing Life _ Brian Hancock

Grabbing Life

From the back cover:

“Join sailor/adventurer Brian Hancock for a fun filled trip traveling around the world. You will sail across the Atlantic, climb mountains in South America, round Cape Horn under sail in a full gale and spend some quiet time with the locals. Don’t bring anything – it has all been taken care of. You will eat out in Brazil, enjoy a glass of South African wine, sip tea in Tierra del Fuego and try a surprise drink south of the southernmost town in the world.

If you like adventure you will like this book. If you don’t you will still like this book. It’s about life and living it to its fullest. It’s about human frailty and its ability for recovery. It’s about people and friends and family, and about how we all make this a great place to be from – planet earth that it.”

Grabbing The Dream

An Inspirational Guide to Living a Charmed Life

The first 50 years were a charmed run from a career as a professional sailor and author, to some amazing adventures in far away places. Then it all went wrong. The road back from heartbreak, bankruptcy and divorce can be painful; it can also be an inspirational journey. Grabbing the Dream is a work in progress due out in 2011.

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