Around the World in 79 Days

Around the World in 79 Days  by Cam Lewis

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The World’s Fastest Catamaran. The World’s Roughest Seas. A Race Against Time and for Survival.

Crashing headlong into forty-foot waves, facing typhoon force winds, overcoming technical breakdowns and battling the sheer physical stress, the men of Commodore Explorer were locked in an incredible duel with Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout. Their goal: to prove that the world can be circumnavigated by sailboat in less than 80 days.

In this true story of raw courage and exhilarating triumph, Cam Lewis and Michael Levitt tell it just as it was in a narrative that pulls you into the salt spray and the danger, from Cape Horn to the winds that howl down off the Andes Mountains. Filled with nerve shattering suspense and heartrending bravery, Around the World in 79 Days is an unforgettable portrait of a unique team of men who risked their lives in the true spirit of adventure.

Book Excerpt

“On March 25, 1992, it was as if we had wandered into the wrong novel. We started this adventure in Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, a book I treasured as a child, and suddenly found ourselves in Joseph Conrad’s Typhoon, a book that terrified me as an adult.

I was the sole American with four Frenchmen, and all of us riding an out of control boat on an empty edge of the earth. On a night without heavenly lights, I was driving the 86 foot long, 45 foot wide catamaran Commodore Explorer toward Cape Horn, at the foot of South America. I hadn’t seen another boat, airplane, person, or land since we’d hurdled past the Cape Verde Islands on February 6. We’d been at this for 53 days, and two-thirds of the world was behind us. At this point sailing around the world in under 80 days was possible but far from assured. The forecast was benign: it called for winds in the 8 to 12-knot range. Forecasts lie.”

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