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My friend Dodge Morgan died the other day. Well, I call him my friend but to be honest I have not seen him for over a decade. Years ago I was doing some consulting yacht design work for Ted Hood and he had a customer that wanted to sail alone, nonstop around the world. The customer was Dodge Morgan, a self-made multi-millionaire who had bummed around on boats until he was forty, decided to knuckle down and make some money and had retired wealthy at 50. With cash in hand Dodge was ready to fulfill a lifelong dream to circumnavigate solo. The challenge was that Dodge was no longer as young and as fit as he had once been and so the boat that Hood designed was completely push-button with massive built in redundancy. Two generators, entire spare winch sets, etc. Dodge was going to circumnavigate but he was not going to knock himself out doing so. At the time he got quite a bit of flack in the press. “Where was the challenge?” people … Continue reading