Grabbing The World

Grabbing The World   by Brian Hancock

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A Memoir of Inspiration, Perspiration and Betrayal

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From the Back Cover

“Pushing 50, unemployed and unemployable, professional sailor Brian Hancock found himself at a crossroads in life. After 30 years of racing sailboats around the world he was looking for a new challenge, one that would draw on his experience as a sailor, adventurer and author. He formed a partnership with an old friend and together they launched a brand new around-the-world yacht race, the Portimão Global Ocean Race.
Grabbing the World is a heartfelt account of what it takes to have a dream, to pursue it against all odds, and to prevail. The journey takes him back to his roots in South Africa. It takes him to the highs of success and the lows of betrayal. Most of all it is a voyage of self discovery.
Beautifully written, set against a backdrop of travel and adventure, this poignant memoir will have you laughing, crying and feeling inspired.”

Book Excerpt

“I hopped back into the car and drove to the local supermarket. In a few minutes I had picked up some bread and cheese and a bottle of good wine. I stopped next door and bought a knife, plate and a decent glass and headed back to the grave. Dad may be gone but that did not stop me from having lunch with him. I spread a towel on the ground and pulled the cork on the wine. Three hadeda’s flew overhead making a racket as they came in for landing. I looked around for the monkeys but they were lying low. I poured myself a glass of wine and tipped a little onto the soft dirt alongside the grave. “For you Dad,” I said. “Cheers.”
Most of the bottle was gone when the monkeys arrived. I was just dozing off in the warm sun when I heard them chatter. They were in the trees beyond the graveyard staring down at me with their large, inquisitive eyes. I tossed the remains of my baguette their way and gave my Dad the remains of the wine. I felt at peace. The noise in my head had subsided, replaced by calm.”

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