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Seems to me that that old spirit of pure adventure that was so celebrated during the last century has all but disappeared from our culture. Instead of Shackleton and Mallory and later Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and David Lewis and Bill Tilman, all we have is some fake crap packaged for television and stuffed down our throats. A sign of the times I guess, but before those of us who grew up on stories of incredible adventure and were inspired off the couch and around the world, give up hope, let me bring to your attention this amazing new undertaking by yet another British female adventurer.

Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen

I first spoke to Sarah Outen a few hours after she was washed ashore on the beach in Mauritius after rowing, alone, from Australia. 124 days after setting off from Fremantle she rowed into the history books. Her unceremonious arrival in Mauritius was just one of the hazards of making landfall. In a small rowing boat you are at the mercy of the wind, currents and waves and while you may have your eyes set on a certain sandy beach, Mother Nature might have other ideas. As she approached land it became increasingly harded for her to get the upper hand and she was washed toward a reef, finally bumping over it, getting scraped up in the process, and after some tense moments, making a safe landfall. My great friend and business partner Ricardo Diniz was on hand to help and hug. Ricardo had been in daily contact providing weather routing (and no small measure of moral support) for Sarah.

Sarah and Ricardo

Ricardo on hand to help Sarah ashore after an epic 124 day row across the Indian Ocean.

Well, not one to rest on her laurels Sarah has come up with a truly inspired new adventure. London to London, around the world by bike, kayak and rowing boat. This is from her website: “Hi, I’m sarah Outen and on April 1st, 2011 I’m going to set out on an epic journey right around the world. Follow me as I travel from Tower Bridge, London right the way around the planet back to Tower Bridge, London. Two boats, one bike, two oceans, three continents. I am the engine – this is human power all the way.” Tell me that it just not a grand undertaking in the true spirit of adventure. Sarah is one amazing woman. Her terrific book is out and highly recommend you get a copy. We will bring you Sarah’s Blogs here in Course for Adventure as we get them. They are going to inspire us; I hope that they will inspire you.

Oh, and one last thing…. Only Sarah would set off on a voyage like this…. On April Fools Day.

– enjoy this video of Sarah’s trip across the Indian Ocean to whet your appetite.

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